Edmonton and their Pickups

Ok, to be fair, it’s not just Edmonton.  It’s all of Alberta.  There are way too many of these crew cab pickups here.  Worse all the parking spaces are designed for regular sized vehicles.  So basically everywhere one of these CCP park, they stick out and block the ability for people to drive around you.  There really needs to be dedicated parking for these huge vehicles.

Size alone is not the issue.  There is also the attitude of the drivers.  Driving back from Red Deer I was passed by a lot of people on the highway, even though I was going 20 kph over the limit.  And probably 95% of these people were driving CCPs.  And when I was passed by a Edmonton Peace Officer in a CCP by the airport going atleast 150kph, I finally had it.

I also noticed a guy last night that pulled up to the intersection and slowed down, but refused to actually stop for the light.  By the time the light turned green he was fully in the intersection.  He was going into Tergillegar like I was, so I saw him do it as a couple of intersections.  This is obviously how he drives all the time.

What is it about the drivers in Alberta that causes such poor driving?

Christmas 2013

This year I have kinda gone a little goofy for Christmas.  I bought a Samsung Note 3.  And for Christmas I have a Dell Venue 8 Pro 64GB.

Phone and ipad mini replacement:
White Samsung Note 3
64GB SanDisk microsd

Notebook replacement:
Black Dell Venue 8 Pro 64GB Wifi
64GB SanDisk microsd
Netgear iptv3000
Dell stylus and folio

My original post from 2010 when the iPad 2 came out.  Let’s see how I did in my want list

I have owned and used the iPhone 2 8gb, 3GS 32gb and 4 32gb. I also own an iPad 64gb WiFi. I see the differences between devices and see where I think the iPad 2 should go.

  • I would look towards a 8″ model with a smaller bezel.
  • It also SHOULD NOT be any thinner. Actually it might be a little thicker.
  • It has to be closer to paperbook sized.
  • Use the same resolution as the original iPad.
  • Use the same cameras as the iPhone 4.
  • Integrate the SD slot, like the Macbooks.
  • USB slot integrated in 10″ model
  • Dual core processor with multicore graphics for better graphic support.
  • 2X or 4X the RAM for a more computer like feel and to help with the multitasking.
  • Bring it up to 128gb of storage.
  • DO NOT DO A WIFI ONLY MODEL! Make a GSM/CDMA/LTE shared version.
  • Have three size models, 3.5″ (iPod Touch), 7-8″ (iPad Mini) and 10″ (iPad Pro)

Well, my predictions were pretty good, down to the name iPad mini.  They did add a 128gb model, to the full sized iPad.  The size for the mini was right as was the resolution of the screen.  It did get a dual core processor and double the RAM of the original iPad. It got a better camera than the iPhone 4, but no SD slot or USB.  I’d say I did a decent prediction way before anyone was whispering about the mini.  And I’m very happy with my mini.

Backasswards Alberta!

I fucking hate Alberta and the people in it. That said, it really needs new management. No wonder it’s fucking broke if this is how they run things.

1. People here are self important to the expense of the rule of law. They stop and park in fire lanes. They speed like the posted speed limit is +/- 100kph. They drive crew cab pickups but the most they drive is themselves, two kids and a dog. Oh, and they don’t have any clue how to park these gigantic pieces of shit

2. Their government has no idea how to manage or collect money. Relying on photo radar instead of living cops is just a form of taxation. The way they register vehicles on a flat rate vs the cost of the vehicle is just retarded. Having free health care ties up the hospitals for no reason, charge a fucking copay! $25 is nothing, but it will give these losers that go into the emergency room for the sniffles a reason to think before tying up a bed in emergency!

Sigh… Whatever…