Free Software Suggestions:

AntiVirus Apps: The three free apps I suggest are: Microsoft Security Essentials (here), AVG Free (here) and Avast! home (here).

Office Application: Open Office (here)

To remove a virus: use Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool found here.  I would suggest copying it to a removable USB drive to install on the infected PC in safe mode.  Of course, entering safe mode is done by pressing the F8 key on start up.  I don’t suggest using the safe mode with networking selection.

Other Malware: Malwarebytes AntiMalware (here)

Help speed up a slow computer: I suggest running two applications that don’t even need to be installed.  These apps can be run from a flash drive.  They are CCleaner and Defraggler.  Obviously Defragger will defrag your hard drive, but CCleaner cleans up your computer’s temp files, cookies, deleted files and other junk files as well as fixing some registry issues.  Try them out, the company that makes them, Piriform, also makes a couple other handy apps.  Speccy will tell you all the junk under the trunk, i.e. what hardware is in your computer.  Recuva helps recover accidentally deleted files and corrupted files.

Greatest all in one software toolkit: Hirem’s Boot disk (infodownload)

Awesome download site: Major Geeks (here) & FileHippo (here)


Make Yahoo! mail the default in Firefox: to associate the mailto: link with Yahoo! mail web-based interface, in fact, it’s a built-in integration.

  1. Go to Tools -> Options.
  2. Click on Applications tab icon.
  3. Locate and click to highlight mailto Content Type, and at the corresponding drop down box of Action, select Use Yahoo! Mail.
  4. Click OK.

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