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Raspberry Mini #1

So, I am playing around with what will eventually be a pocket server stick. Actually, it kind of already is, but there is so much more I want to run on it. Installed the latest Raspian on a 16gb mSD card in a Pi Zero W. Currently it is running your basic LAMP install with phpMyAdmin and Webmin installed. Also has a running copy of WordPress installed. 

I am looking to see what else I can run on it.  Things to try:

  1. Wifi router/firewall (re: pfSense)
  2. Personal wiki server (brain dump)
  3. Surveillance camera server with motion detection


  1. Raspian Jessie
  2. Apache, php and MySQL
  3. phpMyAdmin
  4. Webmin
  5. Vsftpd
  6. WordPress
  7. Ssh

Android fail 3.0

Well, I tried playing with Android 6.0 on a free LG G4 again.  Total fail because it’s still Android, and Android in my professional opinion sucks.

So back to the iPhone 6 Plus I have and am happy with.  At least I have an Android phone to help callers with Android issues.  Joins my Lumia 920 Windows Mobile 10 for any Windows Phone calls.  Time to unmothball my Nexus 7 so I can have an Android test tablet and my Dell Venus 8 Pro so I can have a Windows 10 tablet for testing.  Welcome guys to the mothball squad.

Not to the latest and greatest toy so far, my iPad Pro.  Course I went top of the line and got the 128GB LTE model.  Went a “little” cheap and got the Logitech Create keyboard case instead of the Apple Type Cover.  Thinking I want to swap them because I’m not liking the sunk in keyboard on the Logitech.  We’ll see…

Let’s try Android again

Since I paid for my iPhone unlocked from Apple, I was due for a phone upgrade from Bell. So I went ahead and purchased a LG G4. It came a couple of days ago so this post is about first inpressions vs my iPhone 6 Plus. 


The iPhone is just faster. I really can’t explain it other than to say everything is faster on the iPhone. The only thing faster on the G4 is the LTE modem


I bought the iPhone 6 Plus 128gb. I’m pretty happy with it. The G4 came with 32gb built in. Running the Lexar Media 128gb micro sd. 


The iPhone is metal and glass. The G4 feel cheap. It’s glass front is nice enough. The backs are changeable. The Bell G4 came with two backs. It started with the black leather, but also has a plastic back. 


The iPhone kills it here. I easily make it through a full day without turning anything off. The G4 is awful. I doubt I could get through a half day with the G4. 

Strange Choices

As I read more about the Canadian version of the G4, I have to ask, why?  Why is there a seperate version just for Canada?  This means that the wireless charging is a different standard than anywhere else in the world.  It means that rooting it and changing the software, say to Cyanogenmod, is way more difficult.  Apple may not have a few things that the G4 does have, like the 2k screen and the option of wireless charging, but they also don’t have 30 versions of the same phone depending on the region/country and the carrier.  And people wonder why apps are better on iOS?  Because they don’t have to program for 100s of different devices.

Time to be a geek again

Well, it’s that time again.  I need to learn a few new things.  I am going to start by messing with Raspberry Pis.  I purchased a pair of Pi 2s to start a small cluster learning lab.  Seems like an interesting project.  Not sure exactly what I’ll do with it, but we’ll see.  While waiting for the Pis to show up, I stopped by a local electronics store and picked up a Pi B+.  It is currently playing the part of a tiny, low powered Linux web server.  I plan to finish installing WordPress on it tomorrow and testing it for a bit.  I also sent in the 3D print files for a TouchPi (designed by Adafruit) to the MakerSpace at the Edmonton public library.  I am planning on heading down there soon to see what the place is all about.  I sent them the updated plan for the B+/2 boards.  Next up, ordering the screen, charging circuit and battery.  My TouchPi will be used to monitor the cluster and whatever I plan to do with it.

Lots of stuff coming including pulling out some old toys like my old NES, HP LX200 and the Toshiba Libretto 50.  Time to breathe some life into the old blog, eh?

How to save iPhone battery life, direct from a former Apple Store genius…

Step 1: Disable Location and Background App Refresh for Facebook
Step 2: Disable Background App Refresh for Apps You Don’t Care About
Step 3: Stop Quitting Your Apps in Multitasking
Step 4: Disable Push Email Temporarily
Step 5: Disable Push Notifications for Apps That Annoy You
Step 6: Turn Off Battery Percentage
Step 7: Go to an Apple Retail Store
Step 8: Enable Airplane Mode in Areas of Poor Cellular Service

Source:  http://www.overthought.org/blog/2014/the-ultimate-guide-to-solving-ios-battery-drain