Raspberry Mini #1

So, I am playing around with what will eventually be a pocket server stick. Actually, it kind of already is, but there is so much more I want to run on it. Installed the latest Raspian on a 16gb mSD card in a Pi Zero W. Currently it is running your basic LAMP install with phpMyAdmin and Webmin installed. Also has a running copy of WordPress installed. 

I am looking to see what else I can run on it.  Things to try:

  1. Wifi router/firewall (re: pfSense)
  2. Personal wiki server (brain dump)
  3. Surveillance camera server with motion detection


  1. Raspian Jessie
  2. Apache, php and MySQL
  3. phpMyAdmin
  4. Webmin
  5. Vsftpd
  6. WordPress
  7. Ssh