Android fail 3.0

Well, I tried playing with Android 6.0 on a free LG G4 again.  Total fail because it’s still Android, and Android in my professional opinion sucks.

So back to the iPhone 6 Plus I have and am happy with.  At least I have an Android phone to help callers with Android issues.  Joins my Lumia 920 Windows Mobile 10 for any Windows Phone calls.  Time to unmothball my Nexus 7 so I can have an Android test tablet and my Dell Venus 8 Pro so I can have a Windows 10 tablet for testing.  Welcome guys to the mothball squad.

Not to the latest and greatest toy so far, my iPad Pro.  Course I went top of the line and got the 128GB LTE model.  Went a “little” cheap and got the Logitech Create keyboard case instead of the Apple Type Cover.  Thinking I want to swap them because I’m not liking the sunk in keyboard on the Logitech.  We’ll see…


Author: protaginets

Father, husband and freelance tech specialist.