Let’s try Android again

Since I paid for my iPhone unlocked from Apple, I was due for a phone upgrade from Bell. So I went ahead and purchased a LG G4. It came a couple of days ago so this post is about first inpressions vs my iPhone 6 Plus. 


The iPhone is just faster. I really can’t explain it other than to say everything is faster on the iPhone. The only thing faster on the G4 is the LTE modem


I bought the iPhone 6 Plus 128gb. I’m pretty happy with it. The G4 came with 32gb built in. Running the Lexar Media 128gb micro sd. 


The iPhone is metal and glass. The G4 feel cheap. It’s glass front is nice enough. The backs are changeable. The Bell G4 came with two backs. It started with the black leather, but also has a plastic back. 


The iPhone kills it here. I easily make it through a full day without turning anything off. The G4 is awful. I doubt I could get through a half day with the G4. 

Strange Choices

As I read more about the Canadian version of the G4, I have to ask, why?  Why is there a seperate version just for Canada?  This means that the wireless charging is a different standard than anywhere else in the world.  It means that rooting it and changing the software, say to Cyanogenmod, is way more difficult.  Apple may not have a few things that the G4 does have, like the 2k screen and the option of wireless charging, but they also don’t have 30 versions of the same phone depending on the region/country and the carrier.  And people wonder why apps are better on iOS?  Because they don’t have to program for 100s of different devices.


Author: protaginets

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