Backasswards Alberta!

I fucking hate Alberta and the people in it. That said, it really needs new management. No wonder it’s fucking broke if this is how they run things.

1. People here are self important to the expense of the rule of law. They stop and park in fire lanes. They speed like the posted speed limit is +/- 100kph. They drive crew cab pickups but the most they drive is themselves, two kids and a dog. Oh, and they don’t have any clue how to park these gigantic pieces of shit

2. Their government has no idea how to manage or collect money. Relying on photo radar instead of living cops is just a form of taxation. The way they register vehicles on a flat rate vs the cost of the vehicle is just retarded. Having free health care ties up the hospitals for no reason, charge a fucking copay! $25 is nothing, but it will give these losers that go into the emergency room for the sniffles a reason to think before tying up a bed in emergency!

Sigh… Whatever…


Author: protaginets

Father, husband and freelance tech specialist.

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