My thoughts on the iPad 2…

I have owned and used the iPhone 2 8gb, 3GS 32gb and 4 32gb. I also own an iPad 64gb WiFi. I see the differences between devices and see where I think the iPad 2 should go.

  • I would look towards a 8″ model with a smaller bezel.
  • It also SHOULD NOT be any thinner. Actually it might be a little thicker.
  • It has to be closer to paperbook sized.
  • Use the same resolution as the original iPad.
  • Use the same cameras as the iPhone 4.
  • Integrate the SD slot, like the Macbooks.
  • USB slot integrated in 10″ model
  • Dual core processor with multicore graphics for better graphic support.
  • 2X or 4X the RAM for a more computer like feel and to help with the multitasking.
  • Bring it up to 128gb of storage.
  • DO NOT DO A WIFI ONLY MODEL! Make a GSM/CDMA/LTE shared version.
  • Have three size models, 3.5″ (iPod Touch), 7-8″ (iPad Mini) and 10″ (iPad Pro)

Author: protaginets

Father, husband and freelance tech specialist.

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